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Plydolex Tamiya Paint Rack Organizer with 54 Holes for Miniature Paint Set - Wall-mounted Wooden Craft Paint Storage Rack - Craft Paint Holder Rack 16x5.2x12.6 inch

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  • Can be hung on the wall - Plydolex Tamiya 23 ml paint holder has 2 holes on the backside so that it can be hung on the wall. But also you can place this Tamiya paint holder on the table during the art process. And it's very convenient! Even more space in your workplace, no clutter - all thanks to our craft paint holder rack. This Tamiya paint rack organizer is light, but durable because it is made of natural plywood.


  • Easy to assemble – In the package you will find details of the wooden craft paint storage rack that should be assembled and step-by-step instructions. Our advantage is that the Tamiya paint storage is assembled without glue, and wooden fasteners are included in the set, so the finished construction of the Tamiya paint rack will be sturdy and durable. We are also convinced that the process of assembling a Plydolex paint organizer can also be a fascinating DIY activity!


  • Convenient design – Plydolex Tamiya paint organizer produced for miniature painting set. In our paint holder, you can store Tamiya 23 ml paints. With a paint organizer, you can easily access your art supplies without having to search through a cluttered drawer or shelf. The organizer can help keep your paints organized by color to make it easier to find what you need quickly. If you like working with paints, you will appreciate the necessity of a Tamiya paint rack.


  • Suitable for a large number of paints – Wooden craft paint storage rack contains 54 holes. Just imagine, you can store all Tamiya 23 ml paints in a Plydolex paint holder rack. The holes' diameter is 1.59 inches so they are ideal for paints of this brand. Since the Tamiya paint storage can be hung on the wall, you don't have to worry about a lack of space while you paint your miniatures. Convenience and accessibility - these are the main advantages of our paint rack organizer.


  • Natural sturdy material – Plydolex craft paint holder is made of natural plywood which is organic material. An absolutely smooth surface makes the Tamiya paint rack usage even more handy. Plywood is lightweight enough material that makes this Tamiya paint storage organizer comfortable to use and transport. We suggest you evaluate the Plydolex paint organizer yourself because we are confident in the high quality of our products!