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Plydolex Acrylic Paint Storage Organizer with 72 Holes for Vallejo Paints - Wall-Mounted Vallejo Paint Rack Ideal for Paint Storage of Miniature Paint Sets

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New release - You spoke, and we heard you! Plydolex now offers not only wooden paint racks but also ones with clear acrylic shelves. Introducing the New Vallejo Paint Rack - designed to not only organize but also elevate the visual appeal of your color collection. Our acrylic paint bottle storage rack provides crystal-clear visibility, allowing you to instantly spot the colors you need.

Suitable for Vallejo paints - Our contemporary Vallejo storage features 72 holes, each measuring 1.1 inches (28mm) in diameter. Crafted with precision, our miniature paint holder seamlessly accommodates 17ml bottles from beloved brands like Vallejo paints, Army Painter paints, and AK Interactive paints. Your colors are always within reach, ready for your creative touch.

Wall paint rack - Experience ultimate paint organization with the Vallejo organizer! Designed for tabletop stability and wall-mounted convenience, the acrylic paint holder features 2 holes on the backside for easy wall hanging. Elevate your workspace while keeping paints within reach with a hobby paint storage organizer. Unleash your creativity today!

While caring for you - The acrylic hobby paint rack arrives as a collection of parts, ready to be transformed into a sturdy and functional masterpiece. As you follow the improved assembly instructions, you'll find clear and concise guidance that makes each step a breeze. The instructions have been refined based on user feedback, ensuring that you have all the information you need at your fingertips!

Introducing a New Material - Our new line is tailored for acrylic enthusiasts. Within our acrylic paint organizer rack, we've preserved the finest features of our wooden Paint Shelf Rack. And with our clear acrylic paint bottle storage rack, your options go beyond mere storage; you can paint the model paint holder itself. Remember to remove the protective acrylic from Vallejo stand before assembly.